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Sample Prices of Bar Cleaning Services

As a restaurant owner, you understand that you only make money when your restaurant is open. Which is why MCC Cleaning Omaharestaurant cleaning crews will work around your schedule, overnight, early morning, daytime, weekends, etc... so your restaurant, diner, cafe, bistro of fast food location may remain open during typical business hours. MCC Cleaning Omaha 's crews mop and thoroughly clean all restaurant work areas before any project is completed.

Commercial kitchen cleaning is performed in a way that satisfies fire and insurance officials. Contact us for a quote to clean your restaurant which will be as low as possible without sacrificing quality. By stating "lowest quote for restaurant cleaning services", we are not saying the cheapest bar restaurant service, or the most inexpensive outsourced restaurant cleaning service, though often we will be the lowest cost restaurant cleaning services. Specifically, we mean you will get the highest quality bar cleaning service at the best price possible.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Omaha

Clean Exhaust Systems Reduce Restaurant Fire Hazard One of the primary defenses against fire hazards in any
commercial kitchen is regular maintenance of the hood and exhaust system. A clean exhaust system is more efficient at removing heat and odors from your restaurant’s kitchen, keeping your kitchen crew cooler and more comfortable, promoting human performance to support your business.

Food Processing Cleaning Services Omaha

If you operate a food processing facility such as a
commercial bakery, commercial kitchen, cannery, fish processing, industrial rendering, meat packing plant, slaughterhouse, or vegetable packing plant you know that cleanliness is not only important for quality of your end product, but a variety of laws and regulation require strict cleanliness guidelines to be followed. This is why outsourcing the cleaning operations of your food production facility can be so beneficial. We have staff that can follow OSHA, FDA, USDA or any other regulatory safety protocols.

Why Choose Our NightClub/Bar Cleaning Service in Omaha?

When the music is stops is when we begin.

After a night full of happy customers and wild times, your nightclub or bar can look like a mess but there’s no time to waste. You’re already planning for the next night.

Spilled drinks, messy floors, and more have destroyed the presentation of your
nightclub. The energetic atmosphere and clean presentation of a nightclub is a major part of the attraction, directing people to your club.

MCC Cleaning Omaha
Commercial Cleaning provides the maintenance and perseverance to restore the glamour and allure of your club. You will be provided with the highest quality of service with us.

What We Areas Do We Clean?

Bar Areas

We sanitize your bar area with organic cleaning solutions.

Seating Areas

We use safe organic cleaning solutions, great for allergy relief.

Dance Floors

cleaning services for hardwood, tile, and other flooring.

Dj Areas

Superior cleaning solutions to impress guests.

CDC Approved

We use CDC approved procedures and cleaning solutions.

Bathroom Cleaning

We ensure a safe and clean bathroom for your guests.

Why Choose Green Clean Educational Cleaning Services

When you sign up for our
Bar/Nightclub Cleaning contract, you no longer need to worry about booking cleaners or staffing the cleaning crew. By outsourcing your daily, weekly or monthly cleaning, you free up valuable time and employees for other tasks better suited to their skills.

Experience and hire MCC Cleaning Omaha
Commercial Cleaning Today.

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How Much Does a Bar Cleaning Service Cost?

Commercial Bar Cleaning Janitorial Services for

Pubs Clubs Lounges Nightclubs Omaha NE 

MCC Cleaning Omaha




Bar & nightclub cleaning services: MCC Cleaning Omaha provides janitorial commercial cleaning service to bars, pubs, clubs, nightclubs, lounges and dining facilities. Night clubs & bars can turn out to be a mess at the end of the night. No worries! Our cleaning services can restore the glamour of your club. Contact us! Cost? Free estimates. 

A clean place is requirement for people, especially those looking for entertainment or leisure. Considering the bar business, cleanliness is a major requirement since things get pretty messy when people get tipsy. However, they will still want to come back again to a clean and pleasant environment. In fact, customers are more likely to go to another bar if your bar is not up to their standards of cleanliness. In addition, uncleanliness can violate the health department rules, which may result in severe consequences. You may even be forced to close the bar for some transgressions.

Many counties require professional cleaners to have certain training Also, the cleaning materials used by these services should not contain harmful chemicals, or ones that trigger your customers' allergies in customers, or the bar will lose customers quickly. What do bar-cleaning services charge? We look at the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a cleaning help, as well as the price.

Benefits of Hiring
Bar Cleaning Services

First off, cleaning by trained professionals ensures excellent results. Cleaning companies have the right equipment to sanitize bathrooms and pressure wash the floor, as well as clean windows and furniture. Cleaning also requires a significant time investment. Hiring a professional cleaner frees up bar staff to concentrate on other duties.

Cleaning providers offer a variety services. Most offer light cleaning in the bar, windows, and bathroom, as well as grease removal and
deep cleaning. Hiring a bar cleaning company does not mean that your staff will not perform daily cleaning. On the contrary, professional bar cleaning services perform deep cleaning services, typically on a monthly or twice-monthly basis, according to operating laws.

There are a few drawbacks. Pricing varies by square footage, meaning a larger bar costs more to clean. Accreditation for cleaning that type of bar often adds to the expense. Often the bar will have to work around the times that the particular
cleaning service is available, or be closed for a complete cleaning, which can be trying for customers. However, an easy solution to this problem is after-hours cleaning.

Points to Consider Before Hiring Bar Cleaning Services

Services offered – Determine the types of services the
cleaning company offers, and how those compare to your needs. Options include mop and wax floors, wash floor mats, clean dumpster areas, clean and sanitize bathrooms, and pressure wash appliances, floors, and walls. If you have a particular request, ask about it before signing a contract.

Outsourcing vs. in-house – Determine which cleaning tasks should be outsourced and which ones should be kept in-house. This also depends on services offered by the bar, such as snacks or food, which often includes its own cleaning guidelines. The trick is to come up with an efficient plan that gives you the most effective yet cheap combination.

Do you operate a bar or pub? If so it is a competitive environment that requires you to focus your energy on providing the best service in your bar or pub. Often times cleaning the bar or cleaning the pub can be an after thought. And bar and pub staff who often work for tips may not give their best effort in keeping the bar or pub clean. After all cleaning the bar floor, the bar bathroom or even cleaning the food prep areas does not result in a tip. This is why it makes sense to outsource bar cleaning services. By outsourcing bar cleaning you focus on your core competency and we focus on ours: Bar cleaning services near me:

We give you a commitment that when you approach us for a quote to clean your bar which is as low as possible without sacrificing quality. When we say the lowest quote for
bar cleaning services, we don't mean the cheapest bar cleaning service, or even the most inexpensive bar clean service, though more often than not we will be the lowest cost bar cleaning services. What we mean is that you will get the highest quality bar cleaning service at the best price possible.

Bar Cleaning Omaha

Bars, pubs, dance clubs, entertainment centers, whatever you call it, its a place where people drink and make a mess. Your job is to provide the drinks, let us clean up your bar. We have the right equipment, trained staff and cleaning programs to keep your bar, pub or tavern looking its best and attracting new while keeping old customers. So go ahead and pass the peanuts, if you spill any we got you covered.

Night Club Cleaning Omaha

A nightclub requires a fast paced staff that is focused on treating clients and talent with the highest possible courtesy. The type of person who is good at one skill may not be great at others, so when the doors close and its cleanup time stop using your crew for double duty and paying too much for bad cleanup. Instead use MCC Cleaning Omaha to make your nightclub look its best with fast, knowledable cleaning professionals.

Dance Club Cleaning Omaha

We have flexible schedules that can deal with late hours and fast turn around requirements for
large dance clubs and music halls. Give us a call for a free dance club cleaning quote.

Events Cleaning Omaha

Event + alcohol = mess. Why not use a professional event cleaning company to perform initial set up, during event porter and after event cleanup services for all types of events with cash and open bars. We have staff that can meet age and background requirements if necessary due to legal regulations or contract stipulations.
Event Cleaning Services near me!

Restaurant Cleaning Services Omaha

Professional Cleaners of Restaurants

The first thing a customer in your restaurant notices is how clean your kitchen and dining room is, not your food or drinks. No matter how many times a customer visits your restaurant, cafe, bistro or diner, the facility is not clean, the experience will not be good. Your
cleaning service can make or break the reputation of your restaurant, and still this aspect is often ignored. You could spend your time training restaurant employees on proper cleaning methods for all the cleaning surfaces in your establishment: food prep areas, floors, bathrooms and dining areas or you can hire a commercial cleaning company that are experts in cleaning services for food service facilities.

Your staff should not be expected to know how to clean other than spot cleaning. Leave the daily cleaning, weekly cleaning or monthly cleaning tasks to the experts in kitchen cleaning and restaurant cleaning. Don't risk health inspection failures because you do not have the correct kitchen cleaning equipment, or the proper floor cleaning tools or even the most effective restroom cleaning supplies for your bar's bathroom.

MCC Cleaning Omaha employees job to clean thoroughly, your job is to serve the best food and drink possible.


Maintaining a clean and polished image to guests and patrons is critical in the hospitality industry. At MCC Cleaning Omaha, we understand the unique and growing challenges you face and provide the expert support needed to keep your facility pristine. From gleaming hard-surface floors and well-maintained carpets to clean guest rooms, we serve thousands of hospitality facilities across the nation.


Cleanliness drives customer satisfaction in hotels and resorts. An immaculately cleaned and well-kept guest room increases the likelihood that customers will choose your hotel again and recommend it to others. The MCC Cleaning Omaha professionals have the training and experience to ensure your hotel or resort is properly cleaned to the highest of standards. We'll handle the cleaning in lobbies, guest rooms, employee break rooms, hallways, and more.


It's vital that your restaurant remains clean and sanitary. Poor cleaning practices, especially in the kitchen, could result in health-code violations or illness in customers. Rely on the cleaning experts at MCC Cleaning Omaha to ensure that every area of your restaurant—the dining room, kitchen, and even restrooms—is correctly sanitized, disinfected and cleaned.


Preserve your country club's prestigious reputation with a properly cleaned and maintained facility. Our janitorial specialists clean to the highest of standards to ensure your complete satisfaction. Our comprehensive cleaning services include floor cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and restoration, floor waxing and
re-polishing, general janitorial services, building maintenance, final cleaning and much more.



The appearance of your bar or nightclub is important; messy floors, spilled drinks, and stains all impact the image of your business. You want your bar to look and feel inviting, to keep drawing customers in. MCC Cleaning Omaha Commercial bar cleaning services offer an easy way to keep up the cleanliness of your business and bring customers back every night.

Importance of a Clean Bar

The cleanliness of your bar affects more than just the impression it gives your customers, although that is also important, as people are likely to think all areas of the bar are as clean or dirty as the areas they see.

For one, if your bar has a kitchen, you need to worry about any cross contamination with the food. If surfaces are not properly wiped, floors aren't cleaned, and hoods aren't degreased, food can be contaminated with germs and bacteria. Unsanitary food preparation areas can also lead to losing points on health inspections, or even being shut down.

Benefits of Using a Cleaning Service in Omaha

There are a multitude of benefits that come with hiring a
commercial bar cleaning service, such as:

Multiple services: Bar cleaning services generally offer a range of cleaning services to meet your needs.
Bar cleaning, bathroom cleaning, deep cleaning, grease removal, and window washing are all offered by most professional bar cleaning companies. However, it is important to note that you and your staff should still perform some daily cleaning duties.

Professional results: A
cleaning service has all the necessary equipment to provide sanitary floors and surfaces, as well as properly cleaned furniture and windows. Professional services are staffed by experienced technicians, so you always know you're getting quality work, while leaving yourself and your employees free to focus on the bar work.

Safety: Utilizing a professional service ensures that all equipment and chemicals are handled properly by people that have been trained how to use them. This means that there is a much lower risk of injury or illness from cleaning products used.

Factors that Influence Cost

Different cleaning companies use different criteria to set prices, such as the methods used to clean. Other cost influencing factors include:

Bar size: The square footage of your bar is one of the biggest cost influences. In general, you can expect to pay more the larger the bar is.
Frequency of cleaning: How often your bar or nightclub gets cleaned also affects your total cost. One-time cleanings are usually more expensive than a
recurring service, which can be done nightly, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.
Products and supplies: Typically, bar and nightclub owners find it easier to let the cleaning company provide the necessary products and supplies. Many prefer to choose companies that offer eco-friendly products and methods, but remember that green products tend to cost more.
Scope of work: The duties the cleaning crew performs directly impact your cost. Light cleaning comes at a lower cost than deep cleaning.

How Much Does a
Commercial Bar Cleaning Service Cost?

The cost of commercial
bar cleaning services depends on the scope of the work, size of the bar, materials used, and the company you hire. That being said, here is a general pricing guide to provide an idea of what you can expect to pay for a commercial bar cleaning service:

On average, you can expect to pay between $25 and $50 per hour for a
commercial bar cleaning service.

Some companies offer a base price that averages between $0.10 and $0.40 per square foot, with an additional cost between $0.20 and $0.50 for complex or extra services.

Light cleaning services, such as cleaning restrooms, dusting, and vacuuming, have an average cost between $0.10 and $0.30 per square foot, or between $20 and $40 per hour.

Carpet cleaning has an average cost between $0.30 and $0.80 per square foot.

Stripping and waxing tile floors has an average cost between $0.20 and $0.50 per square foot.

A single visit each week has an average cost between $40 and $80.

Two visits each week has an average cost between $100 and $150.

Monthly packages from a commercial bar cleaning service have an average cost between $500 and $700.

Before You Choose a Cleaning Service

Price is an important factor when choosing a
commercial cleaning service, but it is far from the only factor. When looking between companies, consider the following:

Budget: While a commercial cleaning service leaves you and your employees free to focus on work-related tasks, you still need to consider how much you can afford to spend. Look over your profits and losses to see if you have the necessary funds to hire a cleaner. Prices for cleaners vary based on building size and cleaning needs, so don't forget to think about that, as well.
Frequency: Before you decide on a service, you need to know how often you need or want your bar to be cleaned. Each bar is different, so your needs are not necessarily going to be the same as another. Maybe you only need
cleaning services once a month, or maybe you need them twice a week.
Necessary services: You should also consider exactly what cleaning services you need at your bar. If your flooring is all hardwood or tile, you probably don't want to go with a company that primarily specializes in carpet. Considering the cleaning services you really need also tells you what rooms are most important for the company to handle. This kind of goes hand in hand with budget considerations, as it is important to think about what you really need from a company.

The cost of professional cleaners depends on tasks you need performed, square footage, and materials used. Others charge by the hour, or with a flat rate. Some services provide their own cleaning materials, while others expect the client to provide these.

Expect to pay between $25 and $50 per hour.

Light cleaning services, including vacuuming, cleaning the restrooms, and dusting cost between $0.10 and $0.30 per square foot, or $20 to $40 an hour. However, the exact rate depends on the size of the bar; the larger the bar, the lower the rate.

Power cleaning floors costs between $0.25 and $0.50 per square foot.

Carpet cleaning costs between $0.30 and $0.80 per square foot.

Stripping and waxing tiled floors costs between $0.20 and $0.50 cents per square foot.

Some services offer a base price of $0.10 to $0.40 cents per foot and then add a price of $0.20 to $0.50 per foot for any extra or complex cleaning services.

A single weekly visit ranges between $40 and $80.

Two visits per week cost between $100 and $150.

Some services offer monthly packages at a price between $500 and $700.